TV Remote Control and Violence

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A surprising amount f violence and crimes is triggered by the TV remote control. Its shocking, at the same time, in domestic situations, any sark can set of long standing resentments and insecurities.

An example is the below article. Apparently a couple had an argument and the female partner allegedly threw the TV remote at her partner.

Other situations occurs when an argument over who controls the TV remote starters, and physical violence, including death, ensure.

Lasy, we have seen unfortunately suicides after an argument over the T remote.

At Flipper Big Button Remote with Jumbo Buttons, we do not condone violence over the TV remote! We did just the opposite, we designed a remote to make it simpler for people to use, hopefully leading to a decrease in frustration over managing their TV selections. This is especially true in an elderly situation, where overworked and underpaid caregivers can get frustrated with someone who no longer knows how to operate a TV.

Lets take care of our loved ones and respect each others TV remote usage! And Buy a Universal Remote for Elderly like Flipper Jumbo Remote!

Dan Pitkow