Indra, God of Universal Remote Controls......who knew?

At Flipper big Button Remote for Elders we keep track of interesting new articles regarding Universal Remote Controls. We like to see what people are saying, even if they do not directly address the usability needs of seniors struggling with their tiny remote controls.

Here is an article that calls Indra “the God of Radio and Television with Additional Charge of Streaming Services. By extension, we say Indra is the God of UNiversal Remote Controls for Seniors.

Indra is Vedic Hindu God, commonly referred to as God of heaven, lightening, thunder, storms, rain, rivers flows and war. Quite a responsibility! He is also watches over transitions, death and rebirth.

In Indo traditions, it is said Indra is similar in powers to Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter.

Enjoy the article! Very interesting to see some commentary, even if only in popular newspaper article, equating Indra to powers associated with TV broadcast and Streaming services!

Dan Pitkow