Big Button Universal Remote for Elders

In today’s society, you have a myriad of options to choose from in the selection of the perfect easy universal TV remote control. We have so many devices that require the function of a big button remote control. An easy universal remote control operates several devices at one time without the need for unnecessary remotes.

You want a beautiful simple TV remote.

In our homes, we have beautiful 4K television sets. We also have the standard 1080 progressive LED High Definition television sets. You can’t miss the diverse options of DVD players, game consoles, sound bars, satellite receivers, and Blu-Ray players. 

With just one specialty remote control, you can save time by avoiding all of the hassles that come with programming several different types of remote controls just to function with the HDTV, surround sound, cable set-top box, and any other extra device that you have connected and wired to your TV set. As a bonus, it would be nice to have a simple universal remote for elders

Infrared Remote Control

Now when you purchase your favorite remote control, you have two main options that you can consider. The standard type of remote control is an infrared remote control. At the top of this remote control is the standard infrared light sensor. The infrared light sensor is not detectable to the naked eye. It operates by sending binary code light sensors to your television set in a series of zeros and ones. This type of remote control is also the industry standard universal remote for elders. 

The infrared remote control sends thousands of light flashes at 38kHz per second to your television set. The frequency is established at 38kHz per second as the range for remote control data detection. Electronic devices are constantly receiving infrared light signals throughout the day. This way, the HDTV will be able to distinguish the infrared light signals emitted from your remote control, versus the infrared light signals that are coming from the natural sunlight through your oversized window in your entertainment room. 

The first command that your television receives from the remote is the start code. The second command that your television receives from the remote control is the function command. The function command advises the television if you would like to change the TV station or if would you like to operate the TV volume. 

Afterward, your TV will process the address command. This is the third set of codes sent from the remote control that will advise the TV or any other electronic device what piece of equipment you would like to operate. For example, the cable set-top box will understand that you would like to control it instead of the TV set. The last command that the remote control emits is the stop code. It advises the electronic device on the termination of functionality. 

Infrared remote controls must have a direct line of sight to operate. You must be in the same room as the device in order to control it. Once you have the remote control in your hand, you will want to aim the remote control at the device you would like to operate. Make sure that you do not have any object interference blocking the remote-control signal. 

Sometimes, you may unknowingly place a drink cup in front of the HDTV sensor in your viewing room. This will block the signal, and the electronic device will be unable to respond to the remote-control commands. Moreover, this can also cause the TV to change channels at a slower pace than usual. A nice big button remote is great for this use.

RF Remote Control

Now if you desire to be in one room and operate your TV equipment from another room, you will want to purchase a radio frequency remote. This is commonly known as the RF remote control. The RF remote control operates like the infrared remote control in that it sends commands in standard binary code. The RF remote control must be purchased with the antenna. This is a great easy universal TV remote.

Most packages will have the remote control and the antenna together as a unit. The RF remote control will send binary radio codes to its antenna. The antenna interprets the binary radio codes and sends the data as infrared signals to the device that you intend to operate. 

With a strong antenna connection, you can operate the remote control from anywhere inside your home. The only thing that would be very difficult for the RF remote control to operate through would be steel. Most homes are not outfitted with steel unless you have a special enclosed garage or a steel backyard barn and shed. 

Big Button Remote Control 

Have you ever received that late-night call from your grandmother and she tells you the television set doesn’t work?

It happens to a lot of us. You go over to your grandmother’s house and notice that the television set is not on the correct channel or input for the cable set-top box or the satellite television receiver to operate properly. You proceed to use the remote control and put the television set on the correct channel. Then you must explain to your grandmother how to properly operate the remote control. 

Sometimes, the remote control can look confusing with so many buttons and functions. You want that one simple big button tv remote for seniors. The new satellite and cable remote controls now have various buttons that utilize several different functions at once. In a sense, what your grandmother or elderly relative really needs is a simple remote control that functions everything at one time.


Flipper is that wonderful big button special remote control.

It is an easy universal tv remote. It is the simple tv remote designed for the elderly, visually impaired, adults with Alzheimer's disease, and dementia. The jumbo TV remote control is aesthetically designed for minimalism. It has three main function buttons:

• On/Off (Works TV and Set-Top box simultaneously)
• Volume (controls the TV set)
• Channel (controls the Set-Top box)

The face of the remote control just has six standard buttons to operate your TV unit (power, mute, volume, and channel). If the senior needs more buttons, the face of the remote-control slides down to reveal more buttons like the channel numbers and the four function keys. The function keys are programmable for up to 30 favorite channels and controlling other devices like the set-top box, sound bar, and DVD player. 

Flipper is that easy universal remote control for seniors. It is compatible and programmable for your major satellite and cable TV providers along with the manufactures of Blu-Ray players, video cassette recorders, and surround sound systems. Once you program the jumbo universal remote control, it is locked to the input and channel that your cable or satellite provider has designated for that gorgeous picture. 

You will not have to concern yourself with your grandmother calling you in the middle of the night to advise you that the television set has a snowy or a black screen for being on the wrong station. The jumbo universal remote control will be locked to the correct TV station.

Flipper is the simple TV remote for seniors. Flipper has sold millions of remote controls worldwide. You can purchase Flipper for $34.95 with free shipping. Flipper comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. Visit us at The big button universal remote control is very enjoyable and easy to use.