About Us

We designed Flipper after our founder to address his father's Alzheimer's Disease.  His father was a University of Pennsylvania graduate, and a practicing lawyer for 35 years.  When he was in his late 60's, he developed Alzheimer's Disease.  By his early 70's, he could barely turn on his own television.

He had played golf for nearly all of his life, over 60 years. As he lost the ability to play, he turned to the Golf Channel to watch and listen to the familiar sights and sounds of the game he loved. 

But with progressive Alzheimer's, he could not turn on the TV, let alone navigate over 2000 channels to find to one thing he wanted - The Golf Channel. 

Flipper was then and is now, the only specifically designed TV remote control for Alzheimer's that gets people to their favorite content.

We made Flipper to give that part of his world back to him, and we are proud to see it bring increased independence to other people with low vision, blindness, dementia, and other cognitive or physical challenges.

The old remote, and Flipper!

Flipper is now the leading manufacturer of specially designed adaptive universal remote controls.

Since our launch in 2010, our product has seen use in countries ranging from the United States to Bulgaria. We have won design awards from the Mature Market Research Center, and have been featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and Caring.com.

Most importantly, we have improved the lives of countless people who, like our founder's father, would otherwise be unable to watch their favorite channels.

If that struggle sounds familiar, then I'm pleased to say that you've come to the right place.