Flipper Universal Remote works with all Xfinity IR (infrared) boxes.

Xfinity has several different boxes, so it’s important to know which box you have.

“Activate IR:”

Xfinity often installs in RF (radio frequency): Flipper, like all universal remotes, is IR (infrared), and requires direct line of sight. Forst, check you box. Since they have different boxes, we can provide a general guide to “Activating IR.” But you may need to check with your box’s manual, or call Xfinity, to make sure IR is activated: Menu>Settings>Remote Controls>Advanced>Activate IR

Direct line of sight:

Flipper, like all universal remotes, is IR. As such, Flipper needs direct line of sight. In assisted living facilities, Xfinity will sometimes install the box behind the TV, behind a couch or in a corner. If this is the case, then you can purchase an IR Extender like nextgen.us (or any number of competitors). If Xfinity is behind the TV, then an or an IR Cable.


Some, but not all, Xfinity boxes require the OK signal to be entered when using the 0-9 buttons. If this is your box, then Flipper has the OK signal in Flipper’s LC button located to the left of the 0. The format when programming Favs is: Channel-LC-Add, like 123-LC-ADD; 456-LC-ADD, for channels 123 and 456.

  • If your box does not require the OK signal, then for format is either 123-ADD or 123-Mute-ADD. IN Flipper, the Enter signal is in Flipper’s Mute button. Some experimentation may be necessary, so please program 2 Favs to begin to test formats.



We are here to assist! Please use the contact form under Support or send us an email to support@flipperremote.com for assistance. We can arrange telephone support as well!